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Opening Ceremony

Keynote 1

Postbiotics as a New Frontier in Healthcare

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Penna

Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

Morning Tea Break /Poster Viewing

Breakout 1
LAB and Host Interactions

Plenary 1
Health-Promoting Properties of Lactobacillus plantarum BS25 and Pediococcus acidilactici 3G3: Understanding Lactic Acid Bacteria-Host interaction
Prof. Dr. Marilen Parungao Balolong
University of the Philippines Manila, Philippines

Plenary 2
Exploring the Molecular Mechanisms Involved in the Potential Health Benefits of Human-Residential Bifidobacterium in the Human Gut and Clinical Effects
Dr. Jinzhong Xiao
Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd., Japan

Beneficial Effects of 2′-Fucosyllactose on Metabolic Profiles in Association with Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis
Sunhye Lee
Department of Food Science,
Sun Moon University, Korea

Deploying Lactococcus lactis as a Vaccine Delivery System against KRAS Mutated Colorectal Cancers
Associate Prof Dr. Ts. Dr Lionel In Lian Aun
Faculty of Applied Sciences, UCSI University, Malaysia

Dr. Zuwei Qian
Director of Marketing, APAC, PacBio
Sponsored by Research Instruments Sdn Bhd

The Efficacy of Probiotics on Memory Improvement and Alcohol Metabolism
Dr. Sanghyun Lim
R&D center Microbiome, Cell Biotech, Gyeongi, Korea

Neuroprotective Effects of Lactobacillus plantarum PS128 in a Rotenone-induced Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease: The Role of Gut Microbiota and MicroRNAs
HINT01Y_Yan Zhang Lee

Supplementation of Lactobacillus plantarum LAB12 Improved High Fat Diet-Induced Metabolic Dysfunction-associated Fatty Liver Disease (MAFLD) through Gut-Liver Axis In Vivo
HINT02Y_Faezah Sabirin

Cytotoxic Effects of Freeze-Dried Postbiotics Produced by Lactiplantibacillus plantarum I-UL4 using Formulated Media against MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Cells
MB01Y_Yap Han Yun

Comparative Studies on the Effects of Media Compositions on the Growth and Functional Characteristics of Postbiotic Metabolites Produced by Lactiplantibacillus plantarum UL4 and RS5
MB02Y_Laiella Shaahierra

Lacticaseibacillus paracasei PS23 Alleviates Brain and Muscle Ageing in the D-galactose-induced Ageing Mouse Model
HINT02O_Li-Hao Cheng

The Role of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum TWK10 on Aging-Related Muscle Decline
HINT03O_Chia-Chia, Lee

Improvement of Cognitive Function and Inhibition of Brain Atrophy in Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) by Bifidobacterium breve MCC1274
HINT04O_Kazuya Ohno

Effects of Probiotics Levilactobacillus brevis (Lactobacillus brevis) GKJOY on Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress Mouse Model
HINT05O_Tzu-Chun Lin

Faecal Metabolomic Analysis of Obese Adults to Phyllanthus emblica Extract Treatment During In Vitro Batch Culture Fermentation
MB01O_Paiboon Tunsagool

Oxidative Stress Reduction in Limosilactobacillus reuteri KUB-AC5
MG01O_Nisit Watthanasakphuban

Sarawak Biovalley Pilot Plant bridging lab scale studies and commercial production in the bio economy
Ir. Pieter Willem Pottas
Sarawak Biovalley Pilot Plant
Sarawak Research and Development Council

The Successful Story of Probiotics in Korea: Focusing on Lacto-Fit brands
Dr. Byung-Yong Kim
R&D Centre Chong Kun Dang Healthcare, Inc. Korea

Lunch/Poster Vieweing

Breakout 2

Next-generation and Innovation of LAB

LAB and Host Interactions

Plenary 3
“5G” Biotic
Mr. Chin Kok Tian
My Myracle Sdn Bhd., Malaysia

Plenary 4
GABA Production by Lactiplantibacillus plantarum Y7 and Its Effects on Gut Microbial Diversity
Prof. Dr. Sung-Sik Yoon
Yonsei University, Korea

Phenotypic Characterization of Probiotic Limosilactobacillus reuteri KUB-AC5 and Its Potential Production at Industrial Scale
Assistant Prof. Dr. Massalin Nakphaichit
Kasetsart University, Thailand

Glutathone-S-Transferase Theta Proteins Modulate the Immune Response to Toll Like Receptors
Dr. Ratha Mahendran
National University of Singapore, Singapore

The Anti-angiogenic Effects of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum LAB12 against Colorectal Cancer In Vitro and In Vivo
HINT03Y_Umi Khalsom Mohd Bajuri

A First Philippine Report on Lactic Acid Bacteria associated with Philippine Endemic Rat (Rattus everetti Gunther, 1879) in the Cavinti Underground River and Caves Complex and Their Potential Bacteriocinogenic Activities
NG01Y_Nathaniel R. Alcantara

A Randomized Controlled Trial on the Use of Probiotics in Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease Patients
HINT06O_Norfilza Mohd Mokhtar

Antibacterial Peptide Detection and Isolation for Bifidobacteria in Rumen Cud of Young Ovis Aries
FAGRI08Y_Bayar Erdene

High Prevalence of Multiple Antibiotic Resistance in Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Selected Fermented Foods and Beverages in Malaysia
MG02O_Yuli Haryani

Disrupting Targeted Pathway of Lactococcus Lactis ATCC 11454 to Increase Nisin Activity
MG03O_Nadrah Abdul Halid

Predicted Glycaemic Index and Probiotic Growth Rates of Sago (Metroxylon sagu) Starch Fractions
FAGRI07O_Mohd Alhafiizh Zailani

Lentilactobacillus hilgardii H-50 Strain Exerts Anti-Inflammatory Potential via Binding to Lipopolysaccharide
FAGRI08O_Yoshinari Yamamoto

Effect of Fermentation on Physicochemical Properties of Fibre-Rich Soybean Residue (Okara)
FAGRI09O_Yanesa Gopalan

A Multi-strain Probiotic Improves the Growth of White Shrimp, Litopenaeus Vannamei and Reduces the Risk of Vibrio Infection via Improving Immunity and Intestinal Microbiota
FAGRI10O_Jin-Seng Lin

Potential of Saccharomyces cerevisiae TISTR 5339 and Lactobacillus plantarum SKKL1 for GABA Koumiss Production FAGRI14O_Sasiwan Sirichon

Production Performance, Egg Quality and Antioxidative Status of Laying Hens Supplemented with Probiotic, Phytobiotic and Their Combination
FAGRI12O_Muhammad Naim Rosli

Evening Tea Break/Poster Viewing

Plenary 5
Investigation of the Therapeutic Impact of Probiotics in Feline Chronic Kidney Disease via Integrative Multi-omics Analyses
Prof. Dr. Ming-Ju Chen
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Plenary 6
Asian Microbiome Project to understand the Current Status of Gut Microbial Community of Asians as an Interface between Foods and Health
Prof. Dr. Jiro Nakayama
Kyushu University, Japan.

Keynote 2

Microbial Metabolites in Fermented Foods and the Relationship Between Diet, Gut Microbiome and Health and Disease in Humans
Prof. Dr. Dennis Sandris Nielsen
University of Copenhagen Denmark

Break/Poster Viewing

Conference Dinner



Keynote 3

Novel Insights of Postbiotics and Parabiotics Produced from Lactiplantibacillus plantarum as Feed Additive in Livestock Feeding
Professor Dr. Loh Teck Chwen,

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Breakout 3

(Taxonomy of LAB/Molecular Genetics of LAB/ Next-generation and Innovation LAB)

Food and Agriculture-based LAB

Plenary Session 7
Cell Surface Proteins as Strain Specificity Determinant of Lactococcal Strains
Prof. Dr. Chise Suzuki
Nihon University, Japan

Plenary Session 8
The Concept of Halal in Food Biotechnology: How Lactic Acid Bacteria Compy?
Prof. Dr. Shuhaimi Mustafa
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Plenary Session 9
Taxonomic and Ecological Features of the Unique Niche-Specific Fructobacillus Species
Prof. Dr. Koichi Watanabe
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Plenary Session 10
Degradation of Natural Toxins in Foods by Linamarase-Producing LAB
Prof. Dr. Francisco Elegado
University of Philippines Los Baños

Morning Tea Break/Poster Viewing

Breakout 4

Industrial and Regulatory Approval of Probiotics

Food and Agriculture-based LAB

Status of Probiotic Regulations in Southeast Asia Countries
Dr. Tee E-Siong,
President, Nutrition Society of Malaysia

Bio Economy from Lactic Acid Bacteria: Opportunity and Expansion of Dextran for Functional Food Application
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jirawan Apiraksakorn
Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Industrial and Regulatory Approval of Probiotics in Malaysia
Puan Shazlina binti Mohd Zaini
Senior Deputy Director, Food Safety and Quality
Division Ministry of Health Putrajaya, Malaysia

Development of Lactose-Free Yogurt Cubes Enriched with Medium Chain Triglycerides for Lactose Intolerance and Vegan Consumers
Dr. Kamariah Long
All Cosmos Industries Sdn. Bhd. Johor, Malaysia

Effects of Ultrasound and Steam Explosion Treatments on the Chemical and Prebiotic Properties of Rice Bran Soluble Fibre
FAGRI01Y_Nor Akma Ismail

Probiotic Viability in Marang (Artocarpus odoratissimus) Juice Inoculated with Putative Lactobacillus paracasei C1I12
FAGRI02Y_Kriza Faye A. Calumba

Repurposing Industrial L-Lactic Acid Post-Fermentation Cell Biomass (Lactococcus lactis IO-1) into Effective Microorganism for Silage Production using Pre-Harvest Sago Palm Frond
FAGRI010Y_Muhammad Norhelmi Ahmad

Emergence of Antibiotic Resistance in Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Intestinal Digesta of Broiler Chickens in Malaysia
FAGRI05Y_Wan Ahmad Izuddin Wan Ibrahim

Binding and Retention Ability of Lacticaseibacillus paracasei Strain RM081 Towards Aflatoxin B1 and Its Amelioration on Enterotoxicity Induced by AFB1 in Caco-2 Cells
FAGRI07Y_Solomon Abrehame Tsega

Medicinal Plant Extract Fermented by Plant-derived Lactic Acid Bacteria Inhibits Periodontopathogen Biofilm and Virulence Genes
FAGRI02Y_Shrijana Shakya

Efficacy of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Malaysian Fermented Foods in Enhancing the Growth of Capsicum annum L. (Chilli) Plant
FAGRI08Y_Abedelazeez J.D. Khudair

Effects of Locally Isolated Lactiplantibacillus plantarum on Fungi Growth and their Ability to Bind Mycotoxins
FAGRI06Y_Nurhazirah Shazali

Isolation, Identification and Antifungal Activity of Turkish Fermented Food and Fermented Banana Skin as Biofertiliser
FAGRI09Y_Nurul Solehah Mohd Zaini

Bioactive Metabolites in the Fermented Coconut Milk Revealed by 1H NMR-Based Metabolomics
FAGRI011Y_Wasim S.M Qadi

Bio-functional Properties of Lactobacillus fermentum BM-325 Isolated from Mongolian Fermented Mare Milk Airag
FAGRI11O_Batjargal Batdorj

Growth of Lactic Acid Bacterial Mixed Culture Evaluation by Monitoring of Morphological Property
FAGRI13O_Somchai Jaikhan

Lunch/Poster Viewing

Keynote 4

Gerobiotics: Probiotics for Healthy Aging
Prof. Dr. Ying-Chien Tsai
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University,

Breakout 5

Metabolism of LAB

LAB and Host Interactions

Plenary Session 11
Interaction between Lactic Acid Bacteria and Carbohydrates
Prof. Dr. Yoshio Katakura
Kansai University, Japan

Plenary Session 12
Modulation of Gut Microbiota by using Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria as a Therapeutic Approach in High Risk Patients
Prof. Dr. Raja Affendi Bin Raja Ali
University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM),

Plenary Session 13
Potential Characteristics of Indigenous Probiotics Based on Their Genomic Analysis
Prof. Dr. Endang Rahayu
Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Plenary Session 14
Probiotics as an Immunomodulatory Phamabiotics
Prof. Dr. Sin-Hyeog Im
Department of Life Sciences,
Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea

Shaping the future of LAB

Closing and Award Ceremony

Evening Tea Break

Following technical visits are complimentary for participants of ACLAB12.
For accompany person, there will be a charge of RM50 per person for joining the technical visit.
Please note that the ACLAB12 organizer will not bear the entrance fees for the Semenggoh Orang Utan trip.

Please register before 15th September 2022 as we have limited slots for these visits.

Please register here




Group 1 : Depart at 7.00 am ( max 40 pax )

Group 2 : Depart at 7.30 am ( max 40 pax )

Pick up at 7.00 am / 7.30 am from BCCK and depart to the Orang Utan centre and be there for the feeding at 9 am. Over 20 rehabilitated and locally born orang-utans roam this forest reserve and many still return for extra feeding at the stations.

Transfer back and drop off at BCCK


  • Upon arrival at the main entrance, delegates MUST scan their My-Sejahtera and check their temperature before entering.
  • All participants need to list their name/passport number and pass to AAB team/Guide who are in charge for each bus for entrance arrangement at Semenggoh Orang Utan the day before trip.
  • Entrance Fees:

           Adult: RM 5.00 (Local) / RM 10.00 (Foreigner)
           Child age 6-18 years old: RM 2.00 (Local) / RM 5.00 (Foreigner). Children below 6 years old is free.

  • Shuffle Fees for Semenggoh Orang Utan: RM10.00 per person (return transfer)


Group 3 : Depart at 7:30 am ( max 40 pax )

Group 4 : Depart at 8:30am ( max 40 pax )

Pick up at 7:30 am / 8:30 am from BCCK and depart for Sarawak Biodiversity Centre for a site visit.

Transfer back and drop off at BCCK

Find out more about SBC here. 


Group 1

DelegatesPick-up TimeProgram/ActivityRemark
Group 17.00am

Pick up from BCCK transfer to Semenggoh Orang Utan

*approx. 20 minutes transfer to/from entrance park

  • All delegates have to standby at BCCK 30 minutes before departure.
  • Delegates are to be advised to have early breakfast


*Upon arrival at the main entrance, delegates MUST check the temperature.

10.00amDepart back to BCCK
  • As the timing back is the peak hour, the transfer will take about 2 hours depending on the traffic.

*PIC – Person in-charge

Group 2

DelegatesPick-up TimeProgram/ActivityRemark
Group 27.30am

Pick up from BCCK transfer to Semenggoh Orang Utan

*approx. 20 minutes transfer to/from entrance park

  • All delegates have to standby at BCCK 30 minutes before departure.
  • Delegates are to be advised to have early breakfast


*Upon arrival at the main entrance, delegates MUST check their temperature.

10.30amDepart back to BCCK
  • As the timing back is the peak hour, the transfer will take about 2 hours depending on the traffic.

Group 3

DelegatesPick-up TimeProgram/ActivityRemark
Group 307.30am

Pick up from BCCK transfer to SBC

  • All delegates have to standby at BCCK 30 minutes before departure.


*Upon arrival at the main entrance, delegates MUST scan their my-sejahtera

11.15amDepart back to BCCK
  • As the timing back is the peak hour, the transfer will take about 2 hours depending on the traffic.

*PIC – Person in-charge

Group 4

Delegates Pick-up Time Program/Activity Remark
Group 4 08.30am

Pick up from BCCK transfer to SBC

  • All delegates have to standby at BCCK 30 minutes before departure.


*Upon arrival at the main entrance, delegates MUST scan their my-sejahtera

12.15am Depart back to BCCK
  • As the timing back is the peak hour, the transfer will take about 2 hours depending on the traffic.

*PIC – Person in-charge


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